Alex Riberas is now part of the Simtechpro team!. Alex began his career in 2006 with karting racing. In 2010, he made his debut in the racing series of Monoplaces: the European Formula Renault. From the beginning it was associated with the team of Epsilon Euskadi. Scored in most of the races, and during competitions in the circuit of Masaryk and Circuito de Catalunya remained on the podium, occupying the second and third place, respectively.

In 2012, Alex moved to the German team Josef Kaufmann. Alex Riberas scored nine times, being the best during the final season of the round at Circuit de Catalunya, where he reached the fourth and fifth place (in the second exit made the best lap time). Finally, he finished the race in ninth place. Riberas again scored several races in the Northern Europe edition of this series.

Alex Riberas en Simtechpro

In 2017 Alex Riberas ran with Ferrari in the Asian Le Mans Series-GT remaining second and is currently the official pilot of WRT Audi in the Blancpain GT series. 

We are very happy with this new incoporation to be part of the Racing professionals who usually collaborate with Simtechpro in the testing of our Racing simulators, contributing with his professional experience to improve our profesional driving simulators.

We want to thank Alex for the confidence placed in our brand and we hope that we will provide for a long time their knowledge to improve the experience of our clients.